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About Infinite Style

Love having instant outfits? Or want to try something new? We have you covered. Rent, return, repeat, and make getting dressed every day even easier.

Infinite Style is a subscription rental service that takes the work out of getting dressed. Hundreds of Ann Taylor looks are only a click away, all for one flat monthly fee, subject to the Terms of Service.

About Loft

About Ann Taylor

For the past 65 years, Ann Taylor has supported the lives of women. We get that a woman expresses herself through what she wears, and that's why we design pieces to help every woman look and feel confident and beautiful. Whether shopping in our stores, on our website, or through our subscription rental service, at Ann Taylor, every woman can find something that helps her put her best foot forward.

Our History

Founded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1954, Ann Taylor began with a dream and a dress. A dress that represented the modern, stylish American woman.

Our Mission

Ann Taylor’s purpose is to be the go-to style destination to get the modern woman ready for her days. We promise to give her the inspiration and confidence she needs to do what she loves.

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